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Riveting Narration is a producer of Audiobooks and Voice Overs.

If you have ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I get great Audiobooks to listen to?”
  • “How can I get great Voice Over work done for me done on time every time?”
  • “How can I get my book produced as Audiobook?”
  • “How can I make sure I pick the right narrator for my book?”

Then you’re in the RIGHT¬†place!


Here’s how RivetingNarration.com helps your Audiobook be fantastic

and your Voice Over work be outstandingly effective!

Riveting Narration opens up every world you can imagine!

We narrate what the author intends and what enthrals you the listener.

Whatever you’re interested in, or love to listen to we have narrated it with care to evoke the story and clarify the information you seek.

Welcome to every world…


Here’s what to expect from RivetingNarration.com:

  • email updates of our new commissions and new releases
  • access to our Facebook Group
  • Pinterest pins with Audiobook and Voice Over news
  • Audiobook Tips for listeners and Authors/Commissioners
  • Voice Over Tips for Voice Over Artistes and Commissioners/Agents
  • Tips for choosing Audiobooks, Narrators and Voice Over Artistes.
  • Stories from other Narrators, Authors, Producers and Commissioners/Agents


To get started with your wildly enjoyable Audiobook and Voice Over Experience sign up for our updates here:


Mary Phillips is a Voice Over Artiste and Audiobook Narrator.  She works from her home studio and has built her body of work over time, reliably producing high quality work on time.


She can deliver a wide variety of characters, genders, ages, accents.

Listen to snippets of her work here:

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