Robin says it’s a great listen!

Fantastic to get another 5 Star Review on for our narration of

Lost Cause: A Daisy Dunlop Mystery, Book 1

by JL Simpson   Narrated by Mary Phillips of


  • Robin12-03-16
    Overall     5 Stars
    Performance     5 Stars
    Story     5 Stars

    “Daisy Solves the casw”

    What made the experience of listening to Lost Cause the most enjoyable?

    I like that I can listen were ever I go. i love the readers accent.

    Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? How?

    Twists and turns



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Yeah! 5 Star Review from Theresa Lost Cause Book 1

Delighted to get another 5 Star Review on for our narration of


Lost Cause: A Daisy Dunlop Mystery, Book 1


by JL Simpson   Narrated by Mary Phillips of


  • Teresa
    Overall      5 Stars
    Performance      5 Stars
    Story     5 Stars

    “Great Series Starter”

    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?


    What other book might you compare Lost Cause to and why?

    Maybe the Stephanie Plum series..It is a fun read with wonderful cast of characters and Daisy does not like to do what she is told gets her into some trouble spots

    Which scene was your favorite?

    There were so many but what made me laugh out loud the most was toward the end when daisy was trying to save the day – it was dark – and shots fired and things ..thown

    Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

    Finding out the connection between the two best mates

    Any additional comments?

    I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to the next in the series! I liked the narrator for this as well although I did not particularly like the voice she did for PHAT Kitty. I did buy the next in the series only I may not have time to read it. I am hoping the audio version comes out very soon. I am hooked to this new series. I was not sure I was going to like it at first but it pulled me in quick and I finished it within two days – if life hadn’t gotten in the way I would have finished sooner :). Please keep this series going I am looking forward to Daisy and her world and what trouble she finds herself in.


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Florida loves it!

Thrilled to receive another 5 Star Review on for our narration of

Lost Cause: A Daisy Dunlop Mystery, Book 1

by JL Simpson   Narrated by Mary Phillips of


  • K. E. GriffinGainesville, FL11-28-16
    Overall       4 Stars
    Performance       4 Stars
    Story       5 Stars

    “Good mystery, great listen”

    Any additional comments?

    I received a free copy of this audiobook on Audible and really enjoyed it. The story is a good mystery while still providing a good character development for the main characters and their surrounding group. Daisy is a bit of a klutz trying to find a career that she enjoys and that provides her with some challenge. She leaves her office job and decides to work as an ‘heir hunter’ with her husband’s friend Solomon. The snarky relationship between Daisy and Solomon is entertaining, though at times it seems a little too close for comfort for a married woman and her husband’s ‘best mate’. There are some secrets that come out during the course of the story that explains some of that closeness, but I think that there is more to it that will likely be explored in other books in the series. Unlike a lot of mysteries that I have read, there aren’t a lot of red herrings just to drag out the story. By the end of the book, the threads have been pretty neatly braided together. I really enjoyed the humor used throughout the book and found myself giggling several times. The narrator’s accent is heavily English which I actually find very pleasant to listen to, but I know some people who might find it difficult to keep up. She does a great job of pulling in the listener, especially during intense or suspenseful scenes. She changes the tempo and inflection to communicate the stress of the situation. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book.

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5 Star Review for Lost Cause by JL Simpson

Received this wonderful 5 Star Review for

Lost Cause: A Daisy Dunlop Mystery, Book 1

by JL Simpson   Narrated by Mary Phillips of

  • Karen MeenanIreland16/11/2016
    Overall  5 Stars

    “Absolutely brilliant”

    I Really really enjoyed this audio book I was scared that it wouldn’t be the same as reading it but it was actually better I found it funnier ill definitely be getting more audio books by this Author




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5 Star Review for A Dangerous Love by Carol Collins Narrated by Mary Phillips

Just received this wonderful 5 Star Review for this Romantic Suspense novel

A Dangerous Love by Carol Collins, Narrated by Mary Phillips of

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  • 05/12/16
    Overall        5 Stars
    Performance       5 Stars
    Story        5 Stars

    “WOW what a Ride, full of surprises”

    Any additional comments?

    When I requested this from audiobook boom I am not sure I was expecting all that came with this story. The cover isn’t what is on my kindle lol which kind of throw me as I started listening and got pulled in. I really like how this started with two meeting along the road when her car broke down. I can even see what she saw in him and why she fell so hard. He is one sexy man who would turn most women’s head. This really is a compelling listen with so much pain there is no winner here for so many have lost so much before the deed is done.

    Ms. Phillips has a wonderful accent that I just adored which pulls the reader in getting lost in the story. I loved her many different character voices she puts so much emotion in to each of them. You have no trouble knowing who is talking and just what they are feeling. Her male voices are just as pleasant as her female ones. There is no background noise just a clear, clean and crisp listen that really gives you hours of enjoyment. She puts a lot of emotion into the characters she really hits each emotion right on the money giving the listener the full effect of how serious and important the issue is along with how each character is feeling with their pain, sorrow, loss, helplessness and the smiles you can hear in her voice you can really feel the power of each scene. There are not any places where the volume is higher or slow than any other place in the audio giving the listener a very even tone listen. This really was a very emotion story and the narrator has no trouble pulling it off doing an outstanding job. I had to trouble picturing the scenes in my mind as the narrator unfolds them from the power play of her parents to the addiction it’s self you can really feel the pain each goes through. When the end comes you heart breaks for so many as the narrator gives her all at the heartbreaking scene that really pulls on your soul. This is the first I have listened to this narrator but it won’t be the last. I can hardly wait for the next one I have downloaded.

    Since I requested this from audioboom I didn’t go back and reread the entire summary and my cover is a little different the one they show on the sale page. The author throw in a twist I really didn’t see coming but had I reread the summary I would have gotten the full impact of that twist before I listened. At first I thought it was a little out of place but then I was pulled in and got the full impact that really pulled on my heart. I am not sure who my heart went out for the most I am torn between Gemma, David and her family for so many reasons. Drugs seem to touch everyone at some time or other but for Gemma and David it really hits home in the worse way. I understood why Gemma was so upset when she found out about his past but dang the outcome of her blow up really hit me hard. Than when we found out where and what David had been doing all the time he was away really hit me hard. I found myself cheering for them both giving them a mental push but not seeing much good could come out of it. I really can’t go into a lot here or it will give the story away. What I can say is you are in for a treat with a story that is so powerful that it will pull you in making you want to rush through it. The ending will break your heart but at the same time leave you with a smile.

    This was a wonderful well written story with so much pain, anger, hurt, and sorrow, misunderstandings, leaving the listen feeling helpless and wanting to help. The characters and supporting characters will really touch your heart. I honestly didn’t see that ending coming. The story is full of twist and turns that will keep the reader/listener highly entertained. I had no trouble picturing the scenes the author wrote. This was well written with no filler each part adds to the story making the reader really understand what is going on. There is danger all around that really grabs you making you wonder if the outcome will be good. There are a few touch and goes where you are afraid they will not make it out alive. This was really a compelling read that I could not put down. I am so looking forward to more reads from this author.

    I volunteered and/or requested a copy from NetGalley/Edelweiss/ AudioBookBoom/book tour/author/publisher to review.



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AudioBook and eBook Reviews

AudioBook and eBook Reviews

Here at Riveting Narration we are VORACIOUS readers of eBooks and particularly INSATIABLE consumers of Audiobooks.
So it seemed blindingly obvious to us that we really ought to share when we come across books we’ve really enjoyed.
We’ll list the books we’ve read this week, and we’ll also give our positive reviews.
Anything listed but without a review may or may not mean that we decided the book wasn’t “our cup of tea”  after all.
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I want a Review Copy!

In exchange for an honest review we’d love to GIVE YOU a COPY for FREE

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Another! Exciting Promo Video…


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Message @RivetingNarration and give us your name and email address and we’ll email you access to your copy, Great, huh?!

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Exciting Promo Video!

Watch our video about “Journey Back to Durdle Door Written by Carol Collins carolcollinsauthor. Promo narrated by Mary Phillips of Riveting Narration


Exciting Promo Video for “Journey Back to Durdle Door”

Watch our video about “Journey Back to Durdle Door Written by Carol Collins carolcollinsauthor. Promo narrated by Mary Phillips of Riveting Narration



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Man of Mystery Written by Carol Collins – Available Now!

Audiobook ON SALE NOW!

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