Mary Phillips – Narrator




Mary just LOVES books!   She has always loved reading out loud, bringing the story (both fiction and non-fiction) to life.   And one of her proudest moments was when reading to a school class one of the kids said she should do this for a living!  Well her time has come…  having raised (do they ever 100% fly the nest?) 4 kids with her darling husband she has now got the time (ha,ha) to focus on narration.  She’s a lucky gal!  Mary gets to learn something new everyday, to share her enthusiasm for a ripping yarn, love of knowledge and having fun no matter how busy you are.

It’s not all about her though… she’s a VORACIOUS consumer of other people’s audiobooks and so knows just how important the listening experience is to enjoying that book you’ve selected and the love the author has poured into their book.

Listener or author, there’s “Something about Mary”…


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