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Thrilled to receive another 5 Star Review on Audible.com for our narration of

Lost Cause: A Daisy Dunlop Mystery, Book 1

by JL Simpson   Narrated by Mary Phillips of RivetingNarration.com


  • K. E. GriffinGainesville, FL11-28-16
    Overall       4 Stars
    Performance       4 Stars
    Story       5 Stars

    “Good mystery, great listen”

    Any additional comments?

    I received a free copy of this audiobook on Audible and really enjoyed it. The story is a good mystery while still providing a good character development for the main characters and their surrounding group. Daisy is a bit of a klutz trying to find a career that she enjoys and that provides her with some challenge. She leaves her office job and decides to work as an ‘heir hunter’ with her husband’s friend Solomon. The snarky relationship between Daisy and Solomon is entertaining, though at times it seems a little too close for comfort for a married woman and her husband’s ‘best mate’. There are some secrets that come out during the course of the story that explains some of that closeness, but I think that there is more to it that will likely be explored in other books in the series. Unlike a lot of mysteries that I have read, there aren’t a lot of red herrings just to drag out the story. By the end of the book, the threads have been pretty neatly braided together. I really enjoyed the humor used throughout the book and found myself giggling several times. The narrator’s accent is heavily English which I actually find very pleasant to listen to, but I know some people who might find it difficult to keep up. She does a great job of pulling in the listener, especially during intense or suspenseful scenes. She changes the tempo and inflection to communicate the stress of the situation. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book.

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