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Story Description

Exactly who is the mysterious stranger who catches Joanna’s eye and instantly has such an incredible effect upon her senses?     On holiday with her twin brother Paul, she is minding her own business, sipping an iced drink in the lovely old town of St Malo, when the impertinent blue stare of a rather disreputable looking busker totally unnerves Joanna.     She tries to flee from him, but fate decreed they should meet again, in circumstances where she feels forced into giving him aid.     Within days, Jake has won her love, but Joanna is soon to discover the awful truth.     Her penniless drifter has deliberately lied, cruelly deceiving her as to his real identity.     Angry and hurt, Joanna vows revenge.


Audiobook COMPLETE!

Man of Mystery written by Carol Collins and narrated by Mary Phillips is our latest book to be completed!

Watch out for it coming on sale soon!

Coming soon! We’ve just been commissioned for the Audiobook!

Soooo excited!   Man of Mystery written by Carol Collins is our newest audiobook commission.  Can’t wait for you to share in a great story of romance, trust issues, tribulation, and…. ultimately TRIUMPH!


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